DAYA Lubricants have been in the forefront of the re-refining of used oils ever since inception. The strive for innovative technological advancement has given Daly Lubricants an edge in the field of re-refining. Aluminium Cold Rolling Oil, when used compounded with additives and chemical components in the Aluminium industry, gets blackened due to the fines of the Aluminium and also due to prolonged use. Re-refining of this rolling by distillation process often results in high acid values and foul smell, which is non-desirable considering adverse effect on the rolling operation and the exposure levels. Daya Lubricants have, through constant research and development, come up with an ideal process in which the acid value is below the sub-zero level and also the unpleasant odour is taken off completely. The esteemed client, among others are ;

DAYA Lubricants re-refines Heat Transfer Fluids to restore these fluids back to their original specifications thus creating value addition and tremendous cost savings to the customer. The nature and detailed properties of the Used Heat Transfer Fluid are analyzed and appropriate process for refining the oil is adapted and carried out. The process involves a high vacuum distillation followed by micro-finishing.